Creative solutions that scale

Micro to macro. Content solutions that scale with your organization, from individual stories and training sessions to enterprise-wide communications and broadcast commercials.



Whether you need to reach your customers, your employees, or other businesses you work with, our expertise helps your message resonate with your audience.

  1. B2C - Commercials, social media campaigns, brand films. Every time you communicate with your customers is a big deal to you, so it’s a big deal to us.

  2. B2B - The stakes are just as high if not higher when talking to other businesses - especially when they are your customers. We’ve worked to understand complex industries such as healthcare, telecom, and higher education, and are constantly adapting our skills to fit each environment we encounter.

  3. B2E - If your company is anything like ours, your employees are integral to everything you do. Harness the power of digital media with training videos, orientation material, and intra-office communication to make sure everyone is on the same page.



Every organization has a story - it’s our job to find it, refine it, and tell it to the world. Using the tried and true techniques of the cinematic arts, we bring your story to life and create a work of art that will move your viewers to action.

[Portfolio example triptych] Don’t Wait [from Video Portfolio] PCA Inside Out [from Video Portfolio] Home [from Video Portfolio]



Being on camera is tough. But in today’s world, it’s becoming more and more necessary. Let us coach your team through the process, instilling confidence and comfort while we work to turn real people into on-camera personalities.

  1. Pre-Production: Our training videos and coaching seminars help get your people up to speed before they even set foot on-set.

  2. Tools & Techniques: “Feeding lines”, teleprompters, cue cards. We’ve tried it all, and we have the right solution for any project.

  3. Direction: Every project features one of our talented Directors who only have one job on-set: making you look your very best.



We get it - hiring out is great, but there’s something to be said for an in-house creative team. Let us give you the best of both worlds as we produce content while designing a fully-fledged production department to carry the Torch when we’re done.

  1. GOALS: We begin by understanding your needs, wants, goals, hopes, dreams, and budgets.

  2. OPTIONS: From there we bring you options and packages you can customize as you create the team that suits your organization.

  3. STANDARDS: The process culminates as we develop your visual style and leave you with a fully fledged department to call your own.